A St. Louis Gourmet Tradition…A National Fan Club

In May, 1948, Vivienne® Romano Cheese Dressing was born. The original handmade recipe was crafted by Vivian Uyeda Tucker Reisinger as the chef's “House” dressing for The Bogey Club, a famous, private club of which her father, Tom Uyeda, was the General Manager.  The rest is history.  
Vivienne® Romano Cheese Dressing was originally produced and marketed in Saint Louis, Missouri from 1948 to 1968 by a family with a prominent reputation in the food, restaurant, entertainment and hospitality industries. After a nearly 25-year absence in the marketplace, Vivienne® triumphantly returned to store shelves in May 1992, using the exact same recipe from 1948, when her son, Tom Tucker, returned to St. Louis. In 2012, Vivian’s youngest son, Buddy Reisinger, and his family took over ownership of the firm.  Because of its homemade ingredients,  mouthwatering taste, and loyal fans, Vivienne® Romano Cheese Dressing enjoys a national reputation.
For those who crave a deeper look into Vivienne rich history, please read on:
In 1948, Mr. Tom Uyeda, Vivian’s father and grandfather of both Tom Tucker and Buddy Reisinger, was renowned for his leadership of St. Louis’s most exclusive private country clubs including St. Louis Country Club, Bridlespur Hunt Club and The Bogey Club.  Tom enlisted the help of his daughter Vivian to create a chef's “House” salad dressing for The Bogey Club, where Mr. Uyeda was the General Manager. With the encouragement of many of the members and their desire to share it with friends beyond the club and to enjoy at home, Mrs. Tucker decided to bring Vivienne® Dressing to the gourmet food market in 1952, lead by Straub’s Market, “St. Louis’ Favorite Grocer for Over 100 Years”.
In the 1950’s, the family managed The Frontier Room Restaurant, located on Kingshighway in the heart of Saint Louis' most fashionable neighborhoods across from Forest Park…home of the 1904 World’s Fair. With Vivienne® Dressing featured as the "house dressing", The Frontier Room became one of Saint Louis' most highly acclaimed dining and entertainment establishments and earned the coveted Holiday Magazine Award for Fine Dining. The Frontier Room menu, conceived by the family, was an eclectic array of American and Cantonese dishes, from Tom's Special Sirloin Steak, Broiled Chicken and Lake Superior White Fish to Egg Roll, Barbecue Pork Strips and Chicken Chow Mein.
After the tragic deaths of both Mr. Uyeda and Al Tucker in the late 1950's,  Vivian retired from the restaurant business at The Frontier Room upon her remarriage to Walter Reisinger, a senior executive with Anheuser-Busch. After 40 years in business Vivian chose to cease commercial operations in 1968, retain the recipe, and pray that the next generation would revive the beloved dressing in the future.
In May 1992, Vivienne® Romano Cheese Dressing came "Back By Popular Demand", when its original store, Straub’s in Clayton, took delivery of the first batch of dressing in almost 25 years!   Today, Vivienne® Romano Cheese Dressing is available at fine grocers, gourmet food and specialty shops, and online at www.vivienne.com.
Come taste the dressing that is craved by finicky toddlers, demanding gourmets, and everyone in between.  Whether you dress your salad, marinate your meat or seafood, or drink it straight from the bottle (Yep!  We get the letters and emails folks!), you’ll agree…. “The Flavor is Fabulous!”
These are the hallmarks of Vivienne Dressing.  We hope you enjoy them.